Keeping Your Trees Healthy
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Keeping Your Trees Healthy

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Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Summer Tree Care Tips For Mature Pine Trees

Joshua Mercier

If you recently bought a property with mature pine trees on it, then it's important you know how to properly care for them. Since pines and other evergreens require different care than leaf-bearing trees, it's critical you know how to keep them healthy and growing for decades into the future.

To ensure your pine trees are properly cared for this summer, follow each of these tips.

Summer Tree Care Tip: Understand How Pine Trees Grow and Obtain Nutrients 

To understand more about pine tree care, it's important to understand how this type of tree grows. 

When a new pine tree sprouts from a seed out of a pine cone, it sends down a deep taproot in search of water and nutrients. 

After the first year of life, the tree's taproot is replaced by a horizontal root system. The horizontal roots help to support the pine tree as it ages and anchor it in place. Additionally, the roots provide all of the nutrients and water the tree needs to grow and stay healthy.

Summer Tree Care Tip: Protect the Pine Tree's Root Zone

Since the roots of your pine tree all radiate horizontally outward from its trunk, it's important to protect the root zone in order to promote tree health. Without root zone protection, even the healthiest trees are susceptible to problems, such as breaking and falling over from diseased or damaged roots.

Protecting a pine tree's root zone requires you:

  • Avoid cutting or damaging the roots

  • Avoid installing concrete or heavy patios over the roots

  • Avoid planting grass or other plants that require a lot of water during the summer months on top of the root zone

Protecting the root zone is vital for promoting tree health and avoiding each of these things will go a long way towards this effort.

Summer Tree Care Tip: Avoid Watering Your Pine Tree During the Summer Months

Pine trees are native to forests where they are watered via the rain in the winter and then dry out during the hot summer months. To keep your pines healthy, you need to simulate this watering cycle. 

Even though your instincts and experience with leaf-bearing trees may tell you to water your pines so they don't struggle from the dry heat of summer, this isn't advisable. Watering pines during the summer is a sure-fire way to cause them issues with root rot and shorten their natural lives.

Summer Tree Care Tip: Have Your Pine Trees Professionally Pruned in the Spring

Unlike leaf-bearing trees, pines and other evergreen trees should be pruned and shaped in the spring. Since the way you prune them greatly affects their future health, have your pine trees pruned by a professional tree service.

For more information, contact local tree services.